Z-E3215MKII – vehicle specific naviceiver for BMW 3

Innovative multimedia and advanced navigation system for the BMW 3: The Z-E3215 MkII is a vehicle specific navitainer, which blends in perfectly with the original look of your vehicle, and can be conveniently controlled from the high resolution 6.2“/15.7 cm touch screen display.

With the Z-E3215 MkII you are able to experience an amazing range of entertainment options in your vehicle. The Z-E3215 MkII is an innovative media station, perfectly suited for playback of digital media: MP3, WMA, Xvid, AVI. The Z-E3215 MkII features a USB-hub, to provide connectivity for three USB 2.0 memory devices and an interface (Z-EACC-AUL) for iPod/iPhone connection. An internal 4 x 40 watts amplifier provides powerful and dynamic amplification and musicality.

The powerful Bluetooth module from Parrot, now with database support, gives you easy access to telephone functions and music streaming. The speaker independent voice recognition function allows to control call control functions even easier. With its EU map package with 47 countries, more than 6 million Premium POI and one year map update subscription, the Z-E3215 MkII guides you reliably and safely to any destination.


Function overview

funktion_z-e3215mkii_p_gnPerfect vehicle integration

funktion_z-e3215mkii_lfbSteering wheel remote control integration

funktion_z-e3215mkii_power_systemBMW Power system integration

funktion_z-e3215-mkii_navigationZENEC NextGen navigation

funktion_z-e3215-mkii_tuner_with_dspUKW Tuner with DSP

funktion_z-e3215-mkii_bt_setup_easy_pairBluetooth: easy connections

funktion_z-e3215-mkii_voice_recognitionVoice recognition function

funktion_z-e3215-mkii_bt_favorites_nightQuick-dial menu

funktion_z-e3215-mkii_ipod_playback_nightSimple connection of iPod/iPhone

funktion_z-e3215-mkii_ops_cameraOE Parking sensor integration

funktion_z-e3215-mkii_usb_gracenote_plusGracenote playlist plus

funktion_z-e3215-mkii_splitscreen_naviAll-round information

Vehicle compatibility

Model Type Model Year
BMW 3 Limousine (incl. LCI) E90 2005 - 2011
BMW 3 Touring (incl. LCI) E91 2005 - 2011
BMW 3 Coupé E92 2005 - 2011
BMW 3 Convertible E93 2005 - 2011

The Z-E3215 MkII replaces the BMW CD Business / Professional Radio.Acoustical parking sensor integration for vehicles with OEM installed PDC is emulated by the device itself, via the internal buzzer.



Device compatibility

Phone/iPod Compatibility List Compatible Audio and Video Files Bluetooth Compatibility List
Englisch/Deutsch Englisch Englisch


Rear view camera

License plate camera

ZENEC All-In-One - this does not mean only full compatibility to all popular audio and video formats, but also easy integration of further ZENEC devices like DVB-T and DAB+ tuner, rear view cameras, headphones or monitors for perfect rear zone entertainment. You can connect all external devices to the E>GO naviceiver and comfortably control these components via touchscreen or with the IR remote control included in the delivery.


Answer: The Z-E3215 MkII E> GO is designed for BMW 3 Series E9X vehicles that are equipped with BMW CD/Business radio. The compatibility includes newer vehicles as well, e.g. the “LCI” versions (“LCI” = Life Cycle Impulse). Furthermore, the vehicle must have a BMW automatic climate control fitted, as seen in the related Z-E3215 MkII device pictures. Vehicle models with manual climate control (basic standard version) are not compatible with the Z-E3215 MkII, due to a different front panel shape. Also incompatible and excluded from retrofitting with the Z-E3215 MkII are vehicles with BMW iDrive or with OE navigation system.

Answer: For some vehicle models and model years, the Z-E3215 MKII does not reproduce warning tones of either seat belt, low temperature or hand brake anymore .
This should be checked by a specialist retailer before the device is purchased. If the warning sounds are not reproduced, the Z-E3215MKII is not completely compatible with your particular vehicle model.

Answer: No, this is not necessary. The Z-E3215 MkII can be installed and connected without any additional wiring (due to “BMW Power System Integration” of the device).

Answer: No, that’s not possible.

Answer: Better not. You should keep it for later use. Because it is not guaranteed, that for BMW vehicle software updates at a later stage does not require the original BMW radio to present in the electrical system, to perform the update. This is currently not the case, however, but cannot be guaranteed by ZENEC for the future.

Answer: Yes, support for small BMW Hifi solution (4-channel amplifier in the trunk and 2-way system in the front doors) is a given. Under certain circumstances, a sound system adapter may still be required – in such cases, please contact your authorized ZENEC dealer to obtain technical assistance.

Answer: Such sound systems receive audio signal via fiber optical cable (MOST ring bus). Since the aftermarket offers no compatible adapters, the Z-E3215 MkII is not suitable for deployment in such vehicles.

Answer: The Z-E3215 MkII can read and use the A/C related CAN signal presented in the vehicle. The A/C status info pop-up is disabled in the factory settings. BMW has not developed the automatic climate control with respect to a visual status indicator, thus there are too many A/C control commands to trigger the pop-up. This may also be a matter of preference and thus, this feature can be activated on demand in the system settings.

Answer: The OE factory radio also does not show track info or turn key arrows. Since there is no CAN data present in the vehicle, the E>GO cannot support these two car integration functions either.

Answer: The Z-E3215 MkII E>GO is able to process the BMW PDC CAN data, to fully implement the OPS function (“Optical Parking System”), so the optical park radar is supported by the device. Yet BMW vehicles of the E9X series come with acoustic PDC warning tones that originate from the factory radio. Therefore, after removal of the OE radio the Z-E3215 MkII does implement acoustic park radar signals via internal buzzer device (mono signal only). That means, acoustic PDC signals remain functional although the buzzer sound is not quite as pleasant, compared to the factory solution.

Answer: The independent vehicle heater system remains controllable over the dedicated aux heater remote control or, for newer systems, via Smartphone App. The ZENEC device does not support time adjustments or any other function settings of the aux heater, that are controlled by the OE radio.

Answer: No. The Z-E3215 MkII comes with an integrated high quality hands-free module by Parrot. Any hands-free system based on Bluetooth technology must be deactivated. This can be happened by removing the respective fuse in the main fuse box. Neglecting this step will probably lead to interference and malfunction of the Parrot module.

Answer: No, this is not possible due to restrictions of the device hardware platform. The BMW SOS emergency call system must be coded out of the vehicle, before the installation of the Z-E3215 MkII is attempted and the function per se will be rendered non-functional by the removal of the OE radio.

Answer: Three setting options allow controlling the screen brightness. In the setup menu under Video / Picture on the second page, you will find the following settings: Brightness >>> Navigation / Car

Choose “Navi” to allow the GPS system to set brightness automatically, selecting day or night HMI mode based on the GPS system.

Select “Car” to adjust the brightness according to signals present in the CAN net of the vehicle itself.

Note that if GPS signal controlled day / night switching is enabled, the sync process may take roughly 20 seconds, right after device start up.

The factory default is set to GPS controlled day / night switching. Directly below the Brightness setting, you find the HMI selection option “Skin” with three different settings: day / night / auto. While day and night are manual settings, the auto function controls day / night skin automatically via GPS signal.

Answer: If the voltage supply drops below 9 V, your ZENEC device will shuts down automatically to avoid operation faults and inclomplete loading of software parameters. This is a device self protection mechanism and not a defect. You may, however, check the electrical installation of your vehicle (battery worn down, bad or corroded ground contacts / connectors, etc.).

Answer: Yes, the MkII model version fully supports the BMW Keyless Go functions without any known limitations.

Answer: ZENEC does frequently release software updates to add new functionality, correct software issues and improve reliability in general. Some updates also contain up to date BT firmware, to offer improved compatibility with brand new mobile phones.

ON the ZENEC homepage, go to the support section and select the button “Software Updates”.

Do not download software packages from third parties or other unknown sources in the Internet, because external software can damage your unit irreversibly. A guarantee or warranty repair carried out free of charge for devices that show software induced system failure by unauthorized software, is excluded and will be strictly declined.

For updates (Maps & More) and 1 year latest map guarantee please visit Naviextras at https://zenec.naviextras.com/shop/portal

Answer: With the traffic messaging channel the navigation unit is able to receive traffic jam information. Thus, navigation can calculate by-passes in real time. This function is activated ex works. TMC Pro gets additional traffic information from private measuring services by which the accuracy increases. To activate TMC Pro you have purchase a lifetime license over Naviextras.

Answer: Please take into account that we use, for entire Western Europe and standard, non motorhome devices, maps from the market leader TELE Atlas. It happens that, at a few rare spots on the map, incorrect map data may cause a navigation error. We recommend that such findings should be reported to Tele Atlas directly, to enable them to correct their own data. Direct map errors report link: mapinsight.teleatlas.com/mapfeedback/index.php

Answer: The SD card reader on the front side of the Z-E3215 MkII device is reserved for use by the navigation SD-card exclusively. Avoid removing the SD card from the device, when device is running. Playback of video or audio files on SD card by the reader on the front panel is not possible, even with the Navi SD-card removed.

Answer: It may happen, depending on the assignment of USB memory devices connected to the USB hub, that the media drive indicator does change the address of drives assigned before, due to dynamic assignment of drive letters by the system.

If you have problems, while playback from USB, make sure that the USB disk is formatted correctly. In this case, note the following: In Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 you have the option of a quick format or full format. For problems with the disk, full format is recommended. Make shure that the checkbox at formatting options -> Quick format is not enabled. Make sure that the FAT32 file system is selected. Do not use NTFS, HPFS and EXTFAT file system settings.

Answer: Make sure your USB data carrier has been formatted in FAT32 – prior to use. Zenec recommends the use of high quality USB sticks only. Study the corresponding key features of the ZENEC device, for supported USB flash memory data carriers. Note that the USB connector of the device is current limited to 400 mA maximum consumption. In most cases, external hard disk models will easily exceed 400mA and thus, Zenec does not endorse the use of such products. Additional info for troubleshooting of USB flash memory devices and MP3 playback:

USB – Troubleshooting audio playback

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Note: Device functions and their operation can deviate from the implementation existing on the factory device which shall be replaced. For example, the device operation, the function integration or the depth of the assigned operation function, for sources and the contained scope of functionality. Distinctions and deviations of this kind originate from the retrofit system architecture and are therefore unavoidable / unalterable for technical reasons.
Device functions are subject to change without notice.