Z-E4626 – Navigation system for MERCEDES

The Z-E4626 is an innovative and advanced motorhome navigation system specifically developed for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter II, Vito, and Viano. The Z-E4626 blends in perfectly with the original look of your vehicle and can be conveniently controlled via its large high resolution 8“/20.3 cm touchscreen display.

With the Z-E4626 you are able to experience an amazing range of entertainment options in your vehicle. The Z-E4626 offers you a large selection of programs, especially also due to new digital media. Enjoy radio with crystal clear sound like at home, with the DAB+ tuner. The built-in CD/DVD drive and a USB port allow you to play back latest audio and video formats. The integrated Gracenote functionality gives you convenient control over large music libraries, including HD Audio files. A powerful 4 x 50 watt amplifier, together with a DSP suite consisting of a 11-band parametric equalizer and independent time alignment of each channel, ensures optimum sound quality in each vehicle.

The database supported, high performance Bluetooth module from Parrot ensures stress free hands-free operation and truly comfortable A2DP music streaming from your smart phone.

With its EU map package with 47 countries, the CampingSchaf POI package and more than 6 million Premium POI, the Z-E4626 guides you reliably and safely to any destination. By choosing a vehicle profile and entering vehicle-specific data, you plan any route more safely.

Z-E4626 Konfigurator

Function overview

Optimal integration in the Mercedes-Benz


20.3 cm/8“ TFT LCD Panel


Multituner system with DAB+

ZENEC NextGen Navigation


Preconfigured vehicle profiles for motorhomes


CampingSchaf POI database


Bluetooth from specialist Parrot


USB media management by Gracenote


Powerful DSP presets for optimum in-vehicle use
Rear-view camera interface with optional distance assist lines
CAM hard key
ZENEC Smartlink for future-proof connections
Note: Device functions and their operation can deviate from the implementation existing on the factory device which shall be replaced. For example, the device operation, the function integration or the depth of the assigned operation function, for sources and the contained scope of functionality. Distinctions and deviations of this kind originate from the retrofit system architecture and are therefore unavoidable / unalterable for technical reasons.
Device functions are subject to change without notice.


Main Features





Vehicle compatibility

Model Type Model Year
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter II W906 as of 2006
Mercedes-Benz Vito 2G W639 2006 - 2014
Mercedes-Benz Vito 3G W447 as of 2014
Mercedes-Benz Viano W639 2006 - 2014
  • Before you purchase, check whether OE radio and Z-E4626 are compatible.
  • The Z-E4626 has been conceived for the retrofitting of vehicles with radio preparation. The Z-E4626 scope of delivery does not include CAN or stalk adapters. For vehicle integration of certain functions, e.g. CAN or multifunction steering wheel button support, separately adaptors are required.
  • Mercedes Sprinter II models with OE radio provision may require a specific MB original mounting frame for device installation.
  • For best radio reception, an appropriate active antenna system is assumed/compulsive. If such an antenna is not available in the car, it should be retrofitted.

Product catalogue


Device compatibility

iPhone/iPod Compatibility List Compatible Audio and Video Files Bluetooth Compatibility
iPhone iPod compatibility list English/German Audio-Video compatibility list English Notes on the Bluetooth hands-free function
The Z-E4626 uses a modern Bluetooth solution from Parrot developed for usage in the automotive environment. The module supports the Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR profile, which ensures a high compatibility of the ZENEC Z-E4626 and all device relevant Bluetooth functions in combination with most actual smartphone brands and models.
Exceptions for Bluetooth function or profile components that do not seem to run correctly usually originate from provider-specific smartphone firmware (third-party provider).
In order to be sure that a given smartphone is compatible with the relevant BT functions of the target device, it is advisable to test a given device combination in the shop of an authorized retailer before purchase.
Additional information:
Some smartphones require a confirmation to allow access to the phone book contact list. The phonebook access confirmation needs to be performed by the user, if necessary.
If you encounter connection problems, always check to see if a newer firmware version is available for your phone and install it. After a smartphone update you should delete the previous device pairing on the device, restart the smartphone and pair it anew.

Bluetooth compatibility list English


Rear view cameras for various Mercedes-Benz vehicles

License plate camera

ZENEC All-In-One - this does not mean only full compatibility to all popular audio and video formats, but also easy integration of further ZENEC devices like rear view cameras, for perfect rear zone entertainment. You can connect all external devices to the E>GO naviceiver and comfortably control these components via touchscreen or with the IR remote control included in the delivery.


AW: The Z-E4626 is suitable for motorhome vehicle based on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, but also Mercedes-Benz Vito and Viano vehicles. The vehicle must be equipped with a factory radio provision. The Z-E4626 is not compatible with vehicles that are equipped with a factory radio or OE navigation system.

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AW: The Mercedes-Benz Vito car platform comes equipped differently depending on the motorhome brand. To fulfill this task the company PMA / RTA offers four different cable sets perfectly fitting the various OE equipment status of your car. These plug’n’play sets can be directly purchased by your motor home dealer after an initial evaluation what set is required for the connection.

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AW: If your vehicle is equipped with an OE steering wheel remote control it can be connected to the Z-E4626. For this purpose, depending on the vehicle model and model year, a vehicle-specific CAN/Stalk interface and a connecting wire from interface to device (ZENEC ZEY-ZENECLEAD) is required.

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AW: The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter variant XXXX manufacture from year 2013 and on require, for the correct installation in the dash board, a plastic cage (OE spare part). The item spare part number is as follows: A 906 689 19 31

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AW: Right after the first power-on process and after separation from the vehicle battery, the Z-E4626 will perform an automatic radio station search. Depending on the frequency band to be scanned, the search process can take up to 2.5 minutes. During the search period, radio stations cannot be accessed or selected by the user.

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AW: The Z-E4626 provides you with a list of currently receivable radio stations. The sorting corresponds to the signal strength of each transmitter – strong stations are on top, weaker stations sort on below – with the station list getting updated by automatic background scans every 2.5 minutes.

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AW: The Z-E4626 features an integrated DAB+ tuner. For the reception of digital radio stations, an antenna supporting the DAB standard is required.
If your car does not offer a suitable DAB antenna, it must be retrofitted allowing you to enjoy the digital radio program.

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AW: “ALT” is an abbreviation for “alternative” (UK / EN) and refers to a configurable function key, (see instructions page 87) where a specific function can be assigned via the Setup menu. The following direct function assignments are possible, for direct “ALT” button operation: reversing camera / Quick EQ / SmartLink / A/V-In / USB / iPod / DVD.

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AW: A highly interesting feature for motor home use is the allocation of the CAM key to the rear view camera (if installed), which allows, during normal driving, to invoke the rear camera picture with the keystroke at any time, e.g. direct manual operation. In addition to automatic function during parking, the manual CAM button allows, while driving to observe the traffic behind the vehicle and replaces the rear view mirror. It also allows a survey of the trailer or bike carrier – and – the more simple coupling process of trailers having a ball head, is another advantage.

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AW: The Z-E4626 has in the device settings menu, two selectable control options for the automatic TFT display brightness adjustment. At derive, go to: Setup > TFT Settings > TFT Control > “Car” or “Navi”.
Initially and ex-works, this selection is set to “Car” which means that the device dims the screen when low or high beam is activated. For the “Car” based TFT screen brightness control, the “Illu signal” at the Quadlock connector is used. Daytime Running Lights with TFT Control set to “Car” mode will cause dimmed screen with headlights on.
People who are traveling with daytime running lights, the TFT Control setting should be set to “Navi” so that the day/night time zone data is used to control TFT screen brightness. Note: The “Navi” setting will cause the device to start up in night mode until an actual GPS time signal for device master clock is retrieved via GPS signal. This may take up to 30 seconds.

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AW: Up-to-date camping or MobilSchaf POI packages (German language only) can be purchased and downloaded as add-ons on the Naviextras portal as follows: https://zenec.naviextras.com/shop/portal

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AW: During the navigation announcement, the volume of the announcement can be adjusted up or down directly with the rotary volume encoder. The last value is retained.

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AW: To keep your device in its most up to date state, ZENEC does frequently release software updates for device models to add new functionality, correct software issues and improve stability and reliability. Software updates can be downloaded from the ZENEC homepage. Click on the “Support” button in the top section of page navigation and select “Software Updates” to access the respective software update pages. Then select the appropriate update for your device. Depending on your device model, you may find MainSystem SW Updates, CAN-System updates, or Gracenote and Bluetooth updates. To avoid damage to your device, make sure to follow the update instructions religiously.

Do not download software packages from third parties or other unknown sources in the web, claiming “it was made for ZENEC”. You risk to fabricate an expensive doorstopper. External software developers do not know system design or the actual system software configuration. By installation of software with unknown origin, your device can get irreversibly damaged. Warranty repairs for devices that are damaged by the installation of unauthorized software is generally and strictly declined. Putting such devices back in a working state may get expensive because of the labour involved.

For updates of navigation maps and other free or also pay add-on’s, as well as the 30 days latest map guarantee, please visit Naviextras at https://zenec.naviextras.com

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AW: Please note that ZENEC, for Western and Eastern Europe coverage, deploys digital GPS map data with MotorHome attributes from TomTom (formerly known as “Tele Atlas”). Generally it is impossible to rule out that digital map data is imprecise or faulty in areas such as intersections or new roads still under construction etc. In such cases device may give out incorrect routing instructions or tries to recalculate the route several times. Please use the respective support page of TomTom, for a fast case treatment. Wrong map data needs to be reported to and directly corrected by the map content provider. To report wrong map content, follow this link and report to TomTom map share: www.tomtom.com/mapshare/tools/

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AW: The microSD card reader on the front of the Z-E4626 is designed exclusively for the operation of GPS navigation software and Gracenote functions. Avoid removing the microSD card during active route guidance or/and when device is in navigation mode. Use of the microSD card reader for playing music or video file playback is not intended nor provided for and therefore not possible. The Gracenote function can only be used with an inserted navigation microSD card. If navigation microSD card is not present in the device, malfunctions in Media playback mode may result.

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AW: It may happen that the file system of the disk got damaged, or that the file allocation table of a data carrier is defect due to erroneous write cycles. There may be different reason for this to happen, such as usage or storage of data carriers and problems occurring at the initial format process.

In such cases, you must format the data carrier again to make it work correctly.

Info: If the data carrier after formatting is still not recognized by the device, it may be due to an incompatibility of the disk controller chip itself. In such a case, you should use a different USB data carrier of another brand or manufacturer.

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AW: Make sure your USB data carrier has been formatted in FAT32 – prior to use. Zenec recommends the use of high quality USB sticks only. Study the corresponding key features of the ZENEC device, for supported USB flash memory data carriers. Note that the USB connector of the device is current limited to 1000 mA maximum consumption. Since many external hard disk models will easily consume higher drive currents, Zenec does not endorse the use of such products. Additional info for troubleshooting of USB flash memory devices and MP3 playback:

USB – Troubleshooting audio playback

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AW: The Media key can be configured similarly to the ALT key for media playback. The configuration of the MEDIA button can be adjusted in the Setup Menu (see main device user manual, page 68).

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AW: Long press of the Home button invokes the Equalizer menu. (See the device specific Quick-Start-Guide on page 8).

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AW: Device allows to pair up to three smart phone, whereas two out of three can be connected. The autoconnect function only works for and addresses to phone storage space one and two.

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AW: A default code – 0000 – needs to be entered first. After this has been completed, the device will accept any other individual code combination.

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