ZE-RVSC200 – Twin-sensor camera specifically for motorhomes

ZENEC’s rear view camera ZE-RVSC200 is designed especially for use in semi- and fully-integrated motorhomes.
The ZE-RVSC200 is designed as a compact twin-sensor model, featuring two separate camera modules of different focal lengths. With a horizontal viewing angle of 45°, Cam1 allows to observe objects that are located in a higher distance to observe traffic behind the vehicle as digital rear mirror, replacing the standard physical unit. Cam2 provides a viewing angle of 100° and best picture at close range directly behind the vehicle, making it ideal for backing up and manoeuvring. The vertical and horizontal picture frames of Cam1 and Cam2 are both independently mechanically adjustable.
ZENEC‘s rear view camera is equipped with sensitive CMOS sensors that offer sharp images of high brightness. Powerful night vision IR LEDs (Cam2), which illuminate the area to the rear of the vehicle, ensure excellent vision, even in the dark.
The ZE-RVSC200 (Cam2) has a built-in microphone so you can hear what‘s going on behind the car while manoeuvring.
Equipped with a fast-mount click attachment and a 3-part separable system cable of 17 meter main cable length, this ZENEC reversing camera can be mounted flexibly. The ZE-RVSC200 set comes with two WAECO interface adaptors. The adaptors allow to connect the ZE-RVSC200 to an ex-works DOMETIC / WAECO system cable routed in the vehicle, sparing the installer from ZENEC main system cable routing.
The ZE-RVSC200 is compatible with monitors and 2-DIN moni-/naviceivers which have two camera inputs (RCA). For devices offering one camera input only, a camera switch is required to operate the ZE-RVSC200.




Image device Cam1 + Cam2 1/4” / 6.4 mm Aptina ASX340AT CMOS sensor
View angle (horizontal) Cam1/Cam2 45° / 100°
Lens focal length Cam1/Cam2 f4.2 / f2.0
Picture resolution of sensor 680 (H) x 512 (V) pixels
Resolution of video-out > 420 TV lines
Frame rate 60 fields/sec.
TV system NTSC / 60 fps
Signal to noise ratio > 48 dB
Light sensitivity 0.5 Lux/F1.2/50IRE ; Cam 2: 0 Lux IR ON
Video output 1.0 Vp-p, 75 ohms CVBS
White balance Auto
Backlight compensation Auto
Gamma correction 0.45
Gain control Auto
Sync system Auto
Power supply DC 12V
Current consumption (@12VDC) 50mA Cam1 + 80 mA Cam2
IP protection rating IP69K
Operating temperature -30°C~+75°C
Dimensions 80 x 52 x 59 mm (H x W x D)

Key Features

  • Compact twin-sensor reversing camera
  • Fast-mount click-on system for camera main assembly on mounting plate
  • Cam1 sensor with 45° and Cam2 sensor with 100° horizontal view angle
  • Manual adjustment of vertical / horizontal image section for Cam1 / Cam2
  • IR-LED night-illumination system for Cam2 with dynamic LDR brightness control
  • Integrated microphone (Cam2)
  • Separable 3-piece system cable with 17 m main cable length
  • Adapter interface for DOMETIC/WAECO ex-works main cable present in target vehicle

Mounting Instructions