ZE-RVSC62 – Compact rear view camera for motorhomes

This ZENEC rear view camera model has been developed for use with mobile homes, caravans and trailers. The use of high quality parts and materials for best weather resistance and longevity, as well as the clever construction according to IP68 protection class allow for a perfect operation in the afore mentioned target vehicles.
The ZE-RVSC62 offers a large 115° horizontal viewing angle and can be operated in inverted or non-inverted picture mode to comply with a great variety of RVC monitors and head units.
This product is compatible with all ZENEC moni- and naviceivers, as well as the ZENEC E>GO product line-up.



Image device 0.25“/6.4 mm Micron Aptina CCD sensor
Night vision sensors 3 IR-LEDs and 1 LDR
Lens focal length F 1.9
TV system NTSC / 60 fps
Viewing angle 115° horizontal / 80° vertical
Sensor resolution 680 x 512 pixels
Resolution of video-out > 420 TV lines
Signal to noise ratio > 48 dB
Minimum illumination 0.5 lux
Video output 1 Vp–p, 75 ohms, composite
White balance Auto
Gain control Auto
Sync system Auto
Power supply DC 6 ~ 30 V
Current consumption 60 mA (DC12 V) / ≤ 2.5 W
IP protection rating IP68
Max. Operating temperature -30° C ~ +75° C, RH 95% max
Dimensions 36 x 31 x 40 mm
Weight 60 g

Mounting Instructions