ZE-RVTX – Wireless 2,4 GHz A/V Transmitter System

The ZE-RVTX is a two-unit wireless audio/video transmission system for reversing cameras running on a 2.4 GHz (Wi-Fi) carrier frequency. The system itself corresponds to the current state of the art in this field. For example, the transmitter and receiver modules come in very compact housings, which allow mounting even under very cramped conditions.

Key Features

  •  2.4 GHz OTA transmitter system for rear view A/V camera signals
  • Transmitter and receiver housing of compact dimensions
  • Low signal latency during operation and when reverse gear is engaged
  • Grain free picture of high resolution

Technical Specifications

Carrier frequency: 2,4 GHz, WiFi
Video compression: MPEG-4
Picture resolution: 640 x 480 pixels
Picture frame rate: 30 fps
Broadcast Range: up to 15 meters
Dimensions (H x W x D): 15 x 54 x 57 mm (receiver and transmitter)
Power supply:         DC 6 - 35 V
Current consumption (DC 12 V): 130 mA transmitter, 80 mA receiver
IP protection rating: IP53

User Manual


N-ZERVTX-ISO2 – Connection Cable, 100 cm


For the following camera models and the ZE-RVTX transmitter solution, a separate cable of 1 m length is available. The N-ZERVTX-ISO2 cable connects the rear view camera to the transmitter in the rear section of the vehicle. The advantage is that the N-ZERVTX-ISO2 replaces the long system cable, e.g. the long cable does not need to be stowed away.

The N-ZERVTX-ISO2 is compatible with ZENEC cameras ZE-RCE3701, ZE-RVSC62, ZE-RVC80MT and ZE-RVC90MT.