MainSystem Update

Update Mainsystem Software

MainSystem software updates include enhancements and bug fixes of device functions. These enhancements are mostly of a specific nature; read the software release notes (overview of changes) in the installation manual. For the latest device models, MainSystem updates are published once or twice a year.

Current version
  • Version: 2.1.0
  • DeviceID: Z_E4626



Please read carefully before you download the update software.

Update software

Navigation software

Update Navigation software of ZENEC Essential Devices

Navigation software updates (map data and system updates, as well as the free map update subscription for 1 year) can be downloaded from the Naviextras Internet portal using your PC or notebook. Before initial usage of Naviextras services, please complete the configuration wizard on your device with your new microSD or SD-card.

link zum shop portal

To be able to update your ZENEC device with new maps, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to and set up a user account using a password and the personal data for your navigation device.
  2. Download the Toolbox software. Read through the application instructions before taking any further steps. The Toolbox is periodically updated. If you want to do an update later, first download the latest Toolbox version. This will ensure optimum compatibility for all transfer functions. Link to Naviextras Toolbox download

Additional assitance and instructions can also be found here