MainSystem Update

Update MainSystem Software

MainSystem software updates include enhancements and bug fixes of device functions. These enhancements are mostly of a specific nature; read the software release notes (overview of changes) in the installation manual. For the latest device models, MainSystem updates are published once or twice a year.

Current version Instructions Update software
  • MCU: 0.2.7_03J3_140415
  • APP: 3.2.04_03J3_140424
Update preparation and installation guide
Please read carefully before you download the update software.
Download software update

Bluetooth Update

Update Bluetooth Firmware

Bluetooth firmware updates contain compatibility enhancements for mobile phone models.

Current version Instructions Update software
  • HW200-SW 332
Instructions Bluetooth Update
Please read carefully before you download the update software.
Download Bluetooth software update

Navigation Software

Update Navigation software

Navigation software updates (map data and system updates, as well as the 30-day Latest Map Guarantee) can be downloaded from the Naviextras Internet portal using your PC or notebook.

To be able to update your ZENEC device with new maps, you need:

  • a USB stick with a storage capacity of 8 GB (for the navigation data package)
  • the Synctool (for synchronizing the data of the ZENEC navigation device with data packages on the USB stick)
  • the Toolbox (map data software manager for PC or notebook)
  1. Go to and set up a user account using a password and the personal data for your navigation device.
  2. Download the Toolbox software and the Synctool. Read through the application instructions before taking any further steps. Both tools are periodically updated. Therefore, should you want to make a map update at a later time, always download the latest Synctool and Toolbox versions to replace the existing ones. This will ensure optimum compatibility for all transfer functions.

Before making map updates, follow the Toolbox recommendation and make a backup copy. Failed updates can be restored with this backup copy.


  • Making a backup copy: Before installing a navigation or map update on your device, you should always make a backup. This enables original files to be restored if an error occurs during the update process. You also need a backup copy so that warranty cases involving the navigation software can be processed. Without backup data, personal negligence cannot always be excluded.
  • Time required for navigation and map updates: Installing a map update can take up to 3 hours, depending on the size of the map and the data rate of the USB data storage device used. (Example: update of full EU motorhome map package with over 4 GB).
  • Up-to-dateness of maps on the device and from Naviextras: Navigation map providers such as Navteq or Tele Atlas (TomTom) deliver new map packages three times a year to the navigation software producers. This digital data has to be compiled and prepared for use on the devices. The data compilation of a full EU package requires at least 3 months. This explains why the map data of a new device is already approximately 5 to 8 months old when purchased. This also applies to the up-to-dateness of map data available on the Naviextras Internet portal.
  • Free 30 Days Latest Map Guarantee: If you should find map data on your ZENEC device at the time of purchase that is older than the latest available on the Naviextras portal, you are entitled to a free map update within 30 days of first putting the device into use. See the section “Navigation software update”.
  • Registration at To download map packages or other additional content from Naviextras, you need to set up a user account. Registration is free of charge.
    You will be presented with a choice of device models and device model groups, as follows:
    • ZENEC ELS models 2011/2012 = Empty License: These devices are for NON EU importers and buyers, for device models not sold in Europe.
    • ZENEC models 2011 / 2012 = Motorhome Edition: This group exclusively covers device models that come preloaded with specific MotorHome navigation software.
      Suitable for: ZE-NC 620DMH und ZE-NC3711D
    • ZENEC FEU models 2011/2012 = Full Europe: This group covers device models of the current ZENEC line-up, i.e. the E>GO series including the ZE-NC620D.
      Suitable for: ZE-NC2011D, ZE-NC2041D, ZE-NC2051D, ZE-NC3131, ZE-NC3141, ZE-NC3811D, ZE-NC5011D, ZE-NC4121D, ZE-NC620D
    • ZENEC TRY models 2011/2012 = Turkey: This group covers device models with Turkey map data content only, exclusively targeting devices sold in Turkey