The display brightness of my Z-E3756 seems too dark at daylight? I am driving with daytime running light

AW: The Z-E3756 has in the device settings menu, two selectable control options for the automatic TFT display brightness adjustment. At the device, go to: Setup > TFT Settings > TFT Control > “Car” or “Navi”.
As factory default setting, “Car” is enabled which means that the device dims the screen when low or high beam is activated. For the “Car” based TFT screen brightness control, the “Illu signal” at the ISO-connector is used. Daytime Running Lights with TFT Control set to “Car” mode will cause dimmed screen with the headlights turned on.
Therefore, users driving with daytime running lights should set the TFT Control to “Navi” so that the day/night time zone data is used to control TFT screen brightness. Note: The “Navi” setting will cause the device to start up in night mode until an actual GPS time signal for device master clock is retrieved via GPS downstream. This may take up to 30 seconds